Packing Time!

I’ve got about a month to pack before we move again. Seeing that this is our 9th move in the last 6 years, I would like to think that I have it down to a science by now. I went to the local newspaper building, and they gave me these great (huge) rolls of unprinted newspaper. It will be wonderful to go through all of my packing and unpacking without getting black ink all over my hands! And they said that I can keep coming back for more… they were very nice. Fortunately, I didn’t see the people I was involved with when I attempted driving a paper route last fall. That story for another time…
(maybe better told in person)

I didn’t have such luck (or should I say, providence) with the grocery stores to supply me with boxes. In the past, I had gotten all of my boxes from the produce section of the local grocery stores… apple boxes. They’re sturdy and just the right size. I obtained a few banana boxes from one store, and a promise to give me a phone call when they had a shipment of apples in, but I have yet to receive a call. The law school library– particularly my friend MF– has given me a bunch of boxes from recent book shipments, and that has been very helpful. Best of all, someone who just moved here in town posted all of their boxes on and now I am all set.

I decided to start with the kitchen and dining room this time because in the past I had saved these rooms until last and it had always been a big mistake. All of the dishes, glasses, china, pots, pans, etc. etc. etc. take a long time to pack, and it doesn’t ever look like there are as many things as there really are until you start boxing them up.

Soooo, I took some pictures of the dining room and kitchen before I tore them apart so that I would have something to look back on in the future. I really like this apartment, and the memories that go with it, and all of the painting and hard work we did on it (minus the problems written in my previous post –plus some).
So, anyway, here are some diningroom pictures:

And some kitchen pictures:

Now that I am leaving them behind, I have to stop and brag about my washer and dryer. This is probably the best thrifting job I had ever done. These came from a local eBay auction a few years ago. I got the washer for $10.50 and the dryer for $1.00 totaling $11.50 for the set! The dryer as you can see is old, but it works great and I have never had any problems with it. The washer has been great too, the only catch is that you have to manually turn the cycles with the knob. Once you get used to it, it’s not so bad. I am thankful for having these, but I have to say I won’t really miss them. (o:

And I wanted to include this picture just because I like it.


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