Bike Trail

Yesterday we spent the afternoon on the bike trail. The trail goes through a good bit of the city and runs alongside a creek that empties into a river. It used to be a railroad track, and it was just paved over for the trail. We all don’t have bikes, so we have yet to see the entire trail (it goes for miles), but we have seen the beginning, the end, and we found this entrance to it somewhere in the middle… this entrance is the closest to where we live. There’s a waterfall right at this entrance– this is what E’s face looked like while she was looking at the waterfall.

We took a lot of pictures– in fact, I think this is the first time we used up all of the memory on the camera. I wanted to post so many of them, and I had a hard time choosing, so I decided to adopt an idea from one of the pretty blogs I like to read sometimes. She always does pretty collages in each of her posts.

Here are some of my favorite shots of E (click to enlarge):

Some of my favorites of R:

Some scenery close-up pictures:

And some shots of the tunnel:

And finally, some pictures that require some type of explanation.

Top right & left: Me and M pretending to climb.
Bottom left: M and E imitating the sounds of a frog they could hear (and then laughing hysterically).
Bottom right: The creek “behind the pipe.”


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