On the Road Again

Well, only about 2 miles down the road, but we’re moving again.

Don’t get me wrong… I still love old houses and all of their charm and craftsmanship and details, but when the landlord doesn’t fix anything right I guess we have our limits.

Not sure what finally pushed us over the edge… maybe it was the bat that came through a hole in our closet from the attic that kept getting hit with the ceiling fan causing it to be thrown onto my pillow next to my head while I was sleeping.
Maybe it was when the toilet started sinking into the floor.
Maybe it was the huge chunk of ceiling that was made out of something like cement that was falling in the hallway.
Maybe it was when it would rain through the roof of the porch just as much it was raining outside.
Maybe it was the 500 staples that I had to pull out of the stairs because whoever removed the carpet never did.
Maybe it was the ceiling in E and R’s room that was leaking enough to fill up bowls of water and the landlord said he might get someone out here in 3 weeks.
Maybe it was the sheet of plywood and caulk used to replace the flooring around the toilet and when we inquired about when the plywood would be covered up with new flooring they told us to “put a rug over it.”
Maybe it’s because about half the time we have to walk up a few flights of stairs in the pitch black because the landlord won’t replace the lightbulbs in the outside hallway.
Maybe it was when I showed the landlord that one of the pillars on the porch that is holding up part of the roof was far from a 90o angle, he said it didn’t need to be fixed because it has been like that since he owned the building.
Maybe it’s just the landlord’s attitude in general, but whatever it was, it just doesn’t feel worth it anymore.

I really could go on and on, but I think you probably get the picture.

Although moving is a lot of work, I am excited about this move. I am very thankful for the apartment that we found. The girls will have a place to play outside, and have access to a pool and a fishing pond (down here in the South they call it a lake, but it’s really just a pond). The apartment is clean, big, and kept up very nicely, and it’s a little closer to school for M. The landlord is also letting us paint it however we want. I’ll have a full size washer and dryer (that work right), and full size dishwasher and oven… yes, I will be able to fit a turkey in it! (Last year I had to use my neighbor’s oven.) E and R are very excited too.

Did I mention we’ll be in walking distance from Starbucks?


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