Pebbles has been feeling bad for about a week, and we are all worried about her. She is very old and sweet. M has had her for years… she came with him when I married him. He got her a year after his father died and her companionship has made her even more special to M.

Last week she started falling for no apparent reason- sometimes while she is just standing there. She has gotten better at catching herself, but it still keeps happening. Since our apartment is on the 4th floor, M has to carry her down the stairs so they can go for a walk. I think we’re going to have someone look at her this Friday to see what the problem is- hopefully everything will be okay. She’s like a family member, and we would appreciate any prayer.


3 thoughts on “Pebbles

  1. sorry about pups..i hope they find it’s really nothing, or fixable. i am of the school of thought that pets are family members, and it’s so hard when they’re down :(.

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