M has been spending a little time every morning, before he goes to school, contributing to E’s homeschooling. He is planning on teaching Bible, maybe German, and History. Right now though, they are working on maps and memorization of the states.
I walked into the school room the other morning while they were going through some flashcards of the states. I was about to head back out the door when I heard M read what the next state was called– I didn’t recognize it.
Then he said it again, “How-why-yur.”

Now, M was born and raised in the South, and he doesn’t even talk like this. I have heard him say Hawaii several times before this, and he has said it the right way. I can only conclude that he is worried about his daughters spending 99.9% of their time with, and learning from, a Northerner… me. He is determined to make sure his daughters sound like Southern Bells and not Yankees. Could this be the real reason why he is participating in their homeschooling? I sometimes wonder…


4 thoughts on “How-why-yur

  1. It seems like you are suggesting that my pronunciation is different than the “right” pronunciation, but that must not be the case.

    Besides, it’s more like hah-WAH-yuh. You can either end it with or without the “r.” I usually do without.

    “Huh-WI-yee” is the deviation from the proper pronuciation. It’s a good thing I’m teaching the children, they’re our future, our hope of a better day, and brighter tomorrow. ;>)


  2. but as someone who didn’t speak for a year upon moving to new england, mortified by her southern accent…. be gentle.

    it really doesn’t matter though, so long as they’re still redsox fans.

  3. Oooh, sorry, Braves and Dawgs (if they want to root for the Patriots, I’m okay with that). We have to have the fundamentals in place. They need a good grounding in order to be able to function well in society. ;>)

    ~Bon Dufus

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