Good Pets – Bad Pets

I found Oliver laying across R’s lap this afternoon, enjoying a belly-rub. I am so happy and thankful that this kitty has turned out to be very even-tempered and sweet. We certainly have had our share of bad pets, with Pebbles (our dog) as the exception.

First, we had Miranda. She was the cute little grey kitten that M bought for me a few weeks after we got married. She, like all of the bad pets we have had, was really cute and innocent at first. Then there occurred a series of horrible events- all involving this cat. One thing that sticks out in my mind (among the biting, scratching, and hissing) was when she ripped the entire skirt around the bottoms of both the sofa and loveseat completely off. I super-glued them back on, and then she did it again. This went back and forth about four of five times before I gave up and just left them off.

I found out I was pregnant with E two months after “M” and I got married, so now we were afraid of me getting toxoplasmosis, which could happen with her scatching me. Needless to say, it only took one large scratch on my arm (I was petting her) before she was not-so-gently shown the back yard by M. She actually turned out to be a great cat once she was outside… until she got run over by a chicken truck (no, I’m not joking).

Then, (two years later) there was Sally. She was a big black dog, very pretty– a boxer/lab mix. We got her from a local veterinarian who was looking for a home for her. She had been found wandering around town, and she apparently had survived distemper. She was so calm and sweet for about a week or so. Turns out she was just sick when we got her, and once the vet got her all fixed up again, we saw what this dog was really like.

It started off with her tee-teeing all over the house. Totally disgusting. She became spastic, all of the time– and she was fast! We would let her outside, and she would be completely gone in a matter of seconds. I think she may have had some greyhound in her. Then we would spend hours looking for her, just to bring her back home to pee all over our house again (I was thankful for the hardwood floors!)

Then, there were the couches. This time would be fatal for the sofa. We came home one evening to find the entire insides of our sofa (with the skirt superglued back on again) scattered around the livingroom. It’s almost funny to think about it now (it certainly wasn’t then!)– when we came home, Sally had no clue that she was in trouble. She was playfully bounding around the living room, grabbing the big pieces of stuffing with her mouth like we were actually going to play with her!

She ran off one day to never show up again. I was glad. (Should I feel guilty?)

Then we had the brief ownership of Paisley that I wrote about last month.

Now, six years after we got that first little grey kitten, we have two great pets, Pebbles and Oliver. They even look related with their black fur and little white spot below their chins. Pebbles is very old (she came with M when I married him), and she just lays there and sleeps all day. Oliver is finally realizing that Pebbles is not going to eat him. This picture was taken last night. Awww.


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