Last Year

Take a peek at the picture on the law school’s homepage. This was taken at the beginning of the school year last year at one of the law school’s “get together’s.” I think M has more grey hair now. (o:


2 thoughts on “Last Year

  1. Does your family EVER look anything other than beautiful in pictures??? It seems that every shot of you all is stunning. I hope that after I lose this baby weight plus, I might get in front of a camera again.

    Cute kitty! Makes me think back to Bean and the cat we had in Somerville, Columbo. I can’t wait til Andrew’s a bit older (or we eventually get to buy our place-whenever they become available to purchase) so we can get a dog! Our neighbor has a cute little gray & black scottie (or mini schnauzer, not sure which she is) and another has a bull dog puppy that I’ve fallen in love with.

  2. You’re too kind… you don’t know how many pictures don’t get used. (o:

    I think I might remember Columbo… were you roommates with Becky then?

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