Hand-made Array

R received this little dress in the mail yesterday from M’s mom. She made it from a tablecloth… it’s so sweet! Thanks N!
She also made one for E a few years ago that was really cute too, with a different pattern. That dress is packed away, but here is a picture of her in it when R was just a newborn. You can’t really see the dress very well, but I just love this picture. (Sorry about the flash… I don’t have a scanner)

And a few more pictures of the pretty R in her dress…

I was also able to get M to take some pictures of me in my new shrug from R. Isn’t it great? This is her end of a swap we have arranged where I will soon be sending her some bunny illustrations for her to choose from to use on her website, etc..
(Hey– this thread is starting to look like one that would belong on her blog!)

I started to move some things into the new school room this afternoon, when I became side-tracked with something else for a long while. When I finally came back I saw that E had already “moved in” and was enjoying the room before it was even finished.


One thought on “Hand-made Array

  1. right! like my non-existent blog of the moment! you look great in the shrug! i was all proud-like to have made it!

    i’m jealous that you are homeschooling. good for you all!!

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