More Miscellany

(First, I would like to apologize in advance to MP about the little quip I made about Indiana in my last post. M assures me that you have a good sense of humor though.)

After visiting the J’s a few weeks ago, I have been really motivated in keeping the house clean (although you wouldn’t be able to tell this by walking into our house right now). It’s getting there. For as long as I have known EJ (about 5 years), she has kept her house so nice… just so nice to sit in a room in her house and sip on some coffee and talk. My problem is, I try to skip ahead to the sitting around and drinking coffee part before I finish the cleaning part. Anyway– thanks for the inspiration EJ. You are a good influence on me. (o: (She’s an awesome cook too!)

I finished E and R’s school room this morning. The floor will need to dry for a few days, so this is the only shot I could get of it since I can’t walk in there. M needs to fill in a few large gaps by the ceiling, but it’s painted. This room is actually just storage space off the side of the living room. A few months back it was re-drywalled because the ceiling kept falling in, so we decided that if we painted it after the new drywall was put in, it could make a pretty decent room… and it has! The little window at the end looks out onto our porch.

I just received a huge homeschooling catalog in the mail last week, and I have been highlighting away. I’m going to have to go back and narrow my choices down by a LOT, but I’m pretty excited to get started with the year. B (my sister) homeschools four of her five children (the 5th is still a baby), so I’m sure she can continue to give me some good homeschooling advice. (o:

A package from my friend Robin was waiting for me when we got home from our trip with a shrug that she made for me, some ribbon barrettes (remember those?), and this great handmade bag. Isn’t it nice? I love it. Thanks Robin!

Now if I can just get M for long enough to take some pictures, I’ll put some pics up of me in my new shrug too!


One thought on “More Miscellany

  1. YAY you’re back!!! Sorry about all the troubles and not seeing your parents. :( Hope you’re all doing better! And I loveloveLOVE that bag! Color me green with envy! I’m walking around with a diaper backpack these days (I’m sure you remember those days).

    Happy Homeschooling! You’re so brave!

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