Today was full of celebrations. First, our friends “AK” and “MB” were married today. They had a beautiful wedding ceremony, and lots of good food. (o:


The wedding party.

The girls had a lot of fun dancing.

The speech before the toast.

Later today, we celebrated R’s 2nd Birthday.

She got a homemade carrot cake for her Birthday cake. Yummy!

The birthday girl. Happy Birthday R!

Clarabelle and Mr. Julip at dinner time.

She had so much fun! She really had a blast. From her corn on the cob, to her cards and gifts, and finally to the big obnoxious balloon that M brought home that sings like a big opera lady when you smack it. M really suprises me sometimes… I wouldn’t have thought he would have ever picked out anything like this for his two year old daughter (E asked if it was a picture of a cow when she saw it). Just think– we get to have this balloon floating around our house for another month!

It’s just wrong if you ask me.

Grandmother sent a tricycle, and a baby doll.

Stickers from Grandma and Grandpa!

A big butterfly to hang from her bedroom ceiling.

The bracelet that E made for her.

I found this really cute/funny puppet in Roanoke, VA. We all had (and will have) fun playing with it.

Time for cake and ice cream.


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