Our New Roommate

I guess it’s because the balloon is made out of foil (or something of that sort) and not rubber– but E’s Birthday balloon is still afloat. It seems to have taken on a personality… it’s a little bit freaky. Last night when I was about to walk into the dark bedroom, my heart jumped into my throat. I saw movement right by the bed and I knew M was in his office. Well, I turned on the light to see this balloon hovering over our bed by about 8 inches.

It floats from room to room constantly at various altitudes ducking under doorways. I wasn’t the only one who was startled by the balloon. M was up late the other night and saw movement out of the corner of his eye in the dark hallway. He looked up from his desk to see something move and glimmer. He realized it was the balloon after a second. Then it floated toward him into the office. It came around the desk low to the ground, went behind his chair, over his right shoulder and then kind of stopped for a few seconds over the top of the desk. Then it slowly made it’s way back out the door. A few minutes later M went into the bathroom to meet it hovering in the middle of the room like it was waiting for him.

E and R have been having a great time playing with it. They will throw it up in the air and follow it around the room with their arms up waiting for it to slowly make it’s way into their hands. R likes to drop-kick it to get it to float up again.

Reading with E.

Watching me post this on the blog.

It’s kind of sad– and a little bit scary when it gets smacked by the ceiling fan.

Inspecting the new light blue ceiling paint in E and R’s room.

Taking a nap with R.

I wonder if we should name it?


3 thoughts on “Our New Roommate

  1. that was a cool post, pattie… the resident balloon. we have kept those foil balloons forever as well.

    hey! i reposted your comment to traci’s blog and told her it was from you -wicked cool!

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