The Reason Why There’s a War

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Operating Base St. Michael, Iraq — Soldiers with the 48th Brigade Combat Team seldom discuss the reasons for the war they’re fighting in Iraq.

It’s fairly pointless since they’re already here, and their chances for a safe return depend largely on their ability to focus on the specific military tasks at hand – not abstract geo-political debates.

But in a rare moment of reflection, Sgt. Tim Hass shared his theory on the nature of Arab rage against the West.

“It’s all about Coca-Cola,” said Hass, 33, who was drinking from a red soft-drink can at the time.

“You see,” he continued, “the Coke cans are smaller here. They’re about 10 ounces each instead of 12 ounces like we get back home. Hajiis are smart. They’ve probably figured out that they’ve been getting shorted two ounces on every can for all these years. I’d be mad, too.”


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