Old Buildings

I’ve begun to paint the bathroom again– one of my unfinished projects that will hopefully get finished this time around. I’ve run into a problem though– After I cut in around the ceiling, I started rolling it, and it started crumbling and falling apart! Ah- the joys of living in an old building.

I can’t really complain– we seek these places out to live in. If this building were in tip-top shape, then we probably wouldn’t be able to afford to live here while M is in school. As it is, we live in a really neat historical part of town with very nice houses and buildings around us, and we live in a really neat historical building with great trim and fixtures and layout… but it’s not in great condition. Or at least it wasn’t when we first got here. It’s worth it to me to have all of the other “perks” and just paint the rooms and clean it up the best I can.

When we first moved here a year ago, most of the walls and ceilings were all the same color. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it were white, or maybe a pretty color, but there seems to be a trend in apartment buildings now-a-days to paint everything (trim, walls, ceiling) in this already dirty looking tan color. I’m sure it’s cheaper for them to do it this way since all the time in painting a room is in cutting in around the edges of the trim, etc. Plus, when it gets dirty, it doesn’t really look any different, so they don’t have to re-paint the rooms so much!

I personally don’t think it’s worth it though. You should have seen what a difference it made as we painted each room in our apartment. Just to have some contrast between the walls and the trim was amazing. If the people who own these places would just put a little bit of money into painting them right, they would get it all back in the higher rent that they could charge. It’s good for us though since we’re on a tight budget, and we know how to paint a room by ourselves. We also get to pick our own colors.

Speaking of paint colors, look at what I saw at the top of the bathroom door frame. Some old paint!
Teal! It looks like the entire bathroom used to be this color– even the ceiling! I’m not sure which would be worse– teal or the dirty color.

This is the new color. It’s a pale green. I wonder if it will shock someone 40 years from now like the teal color shocked me!

E did a little painting today too.


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