Children’s Museum

E’s 5th birthday is on Tuesday, so we had our family celebration on Saturday at the children’s museum downtown. This will be the first year we will not have a big party for her… mainly because I’m too tired. I really don’t think I can pull off one of those again this year.

R is ready to go.

I don’t think E was disappointed at all. And I know M wasn’t. He probably had more fun than any of us.

I will say– I did not anticipate this museum to be so cool! It was 4 floors packed with really fun, interesting, and really cool things.

First, E and R played in a little pretend farm.

R picking corn.

E “milking” the cow.

We stood in a box that was full of angled mirrors… perfect photo opportunity.

We played these really cool video games where you can actually be in the game. Kind of like your local weather man on the news– there is nothing but a blank screen behind you. It will interact with your movements so that you can play all sorts of games.

M and E are playing a game called “Water Cycle” in these pictures. They are both standing on a waterdrop and it would move and dodge certain obstacles depending on how they would move their bodies.

Now they’re playing the drums.

Taking a little rest in the puppet forest.

Another very cool mirrored wall.

M gets to test his soccer skills once again (kind of).

I wish we could have gotten more pictures– our batteries for the camera died on us again. :oP


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