48th Brigade in Kuwait

S’s wife, H, sent us these great pictures that were on ajc.com. S is in both of them. Apparently, they have a reporter with them for the time being, so we will probably be able to get updates pretty quickly.

S is sitting behind the guy laying down. He is the one facing the camera.

You can see the back of S’s head in this one. He is standing next to the guy in the center of this picture.

H also forwarded an email from S with a short update from him. He said that the temperatures there were high in the low to mid 110’s with the lows in the mid 90’s (but it’s a dry heat). He also said that the food is better than what they were getting at Ft. Stewart, plus there is a coffee shop so his “latte habit will not be infringed upon.” (o:

They are sleeping in tents and carrying live ammo, but the Kuwaitis are friendly, so he said it’s not really dangerous yet.


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