Happy Birthday

M’s Birthday is actually tomorrow, but we’re going to celebrate today. This is the cake that I usually make for E, but I think M likes it better, so I made it for his birthday this year. He is the true chocolate lover, and this is chocolate on the inside, with Hershey bars crushed up in the icing and on the top. It’s pretty yummy, and entirely unhealthy. I did use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, but I really don’t think that’s going to make a big difference in this case!


The Symphony Orchestra had a free concert tonight at a baseball stadium (hence the big net infront of the camera). E’s violin teacher is the one with the big red arrow above her head.

They had fireworks after the concert– M took this really cool picture.

We came home to have cake & ice cream. M used all of the candles on my birthday cake back in February, so this was all I had… a large votive candle… it worked.

M pretending to blow out the candle. It made me laugh, and I think that was his goal. (o:

My card.

R anticipating a piece of cake.

Life is good.


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